2009 Playoff Picks

New York Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals (-2)
Last week the Jets smoked the Bengals, this weeks outcome will be much different. I have a feeling that last weeks lopsided loss may actually help the Bengals more than it does the Jets. You know the press have been drilling all of the Bengals players this week about last weeks loss, and I have a feeling this will serve as motivation for the Bengals. Jets fans are all excited about how well they ran the ball last week, lets not forget though that a majority of key Bengals defensive starters did not play. Both teams have a good defense, both can run the ball, so it comes down to quarterback play, big plus goes to Carlson Palmer. I think it’s a low scoring game, and the Bengals win by 3 or 4.

Cowboys(3.5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles
We predicted this one right last week and hopefully again this week. Last week I said that Philly should win this game, but I had a hunch Dallas will get the victory. I’m going to take Dallas again this week because Philly refuses to run the ball, and to win in the playoffs you’re going to need to run the rock. The lack of running allows Dallas’s defensive ends to get up field quickly, and put pressure on McNabb. Philadelphia needs time for it’s big play offense to strike, and without a running game present this will never happen. Take the Cowboys and lay the 3.5.


Ok, we have been on absolute fire all year in the pro’s, getting 60% of the games picked correctly against the spread. Folks not many people out their can do that, more importantly your getting it for free. I was originally going to pick every game this week against the spread, but when I saw teams like the Bills -8 vs. the Colts I said that was out the window.

Atlanta Falcons (-1) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
With Atlanta I have been on fire all year. Like I said last week, in the history of their Organization, the Falcons have never put back to back winning seasons together. Mike Smith will get that done today. Plus the Falcons match up well against the Bucs.

Dallas Cowboys (-3) vs. Philadelphia Eagles
I have no reasonable explanation for this pick. I think Philly should win this game every possible way, but I just have a feeling Dallas makes a statement and picks up the win in this game. We will see if Dallas is for real today.

Oakland Raiders (+11) vs. Baltimore Ravens
Here is a stat that will make you scratch your head. 4 out of the 5 wins Oakland has had this year will be against playoff teams Philadelphia, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati. I’m not saying they win, but they just got to keep it close. If not we always hop for the back end score. Plus there are rumors out there if the Raiders don’t win this game, Mike Leech will be the coach!!

Jacksonville Jaguars(+3) vs. Cleveland Browns
Ok, once I saw the Browns were favorite to win this game I laughed out loud. (for those who love texting lol) I know it seems like the Jags have nothing to play for, but I think Jack Del Rio’s job might be on the line just as much as Eric Mangini. This may be one of the most exciting games of the day. I like the Jags getting the +3

Cotton Bowl

Cotton Bowl
Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Mississippi Rebels(-3)

Both teams had high hopes entering the season, the Rebels ranked as high no. 4 in the country, and the Cowboys were in the top 10 for a while as well. Both had hopes for the BCS and both are not settling in this intriguing match up in the Cotton Bowl. I always look at the quarterback when predicting who will win bowl games, and both are good. QB Javon Snead for Ole Miss played well at times throwing 20 touchdowns, but also made a lot of mistakes 17picks. Zac Robinson a little more efficient with 14 touchdowns and 7 picks lost his big time wide receiver Dez Bryant earlier on this season. Now we go to defense, Cowboys have their issues especially against good offenses, while Ole Miss can shut teams down. Tough one to call, but I say take Mississippi lay the 3 points

Poppa Johns Bowl

Poppa Johns Bowl
Connecticut Huskies (+4) vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
I just think the Huskies have way too much fire power for the Gamecocks. South Carolina does have a decent defense, however the Huskies just put up points. So far this season the Huskies have not scored less than 21 points, and that’s against some stiff defenses. The one concern that I have is that South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia did play lights out in their last game vs. Clemson. Might be high scoring game, but Huskies keep it close. Take the points.

International Bowl

International Bowl
Northern Illinois (9.5) vs. South Florida
Northern Illinois can knock down a BCS school in this years bowls game because they already have signature wins against a good Arkansas team on their resume. Luckily for us they are teamed up to play South Florida who comes in riding a two game losing streak and three out of their last four in the International Bowl. If Northern Illinois can run , and I think they’ll will against a weak Bulls defense, the Huskies will come out victoriously. Take the +9.5 points and if worse comes to worse you can get the back end cover.

Rose Bowl

The easy bet of the day....the Rose Bowl

Ohio State(+4) vs Oregon
Ohio State would have been spanked by anyone else in the Pac 10 due to everyone's passing offense, but Oregon can't throw. Ohio State plays it's classic game, very conservative. Jim Tressel get's his Rose Bowl win...in a landslide.

Eagle Bank Bowl

Eagle Bank Bowl
Temple Owls( +5) vs. UCLA Bruins
Folks about three years ago, I could have made a living betting against Temple. Didn’t matter who they played ,whatever the spread was I would go against Temple and would win every time. At times Temple would play mediocre competition, and the line would be Temple +35, and they would lose by 40. That’s how bad they were. The same happened the following year. But two years ago things started to change, Temple started covering more and more, due to having a ton of juniors that have started for three years. Then this year all seniors; Temple has become a good football team. This is my upset special, Temple will not only cover, they will pull the upset against UCLA. Even if they don’t win, it’s been fun watching them grow like a child does….walking, standing and now running are the Owl’s, nice job to head coach Al Golden. Take Temple +5, if the odds are their take the money line, and even though I don’t condone playing the under/over, take the under.