Dallas Cowboys

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 9:41 AM

Dallas Cowboys- Experts predict 9 wins
When I look at this years Cowboys team I think there are many question marks. The pressure is on in Big “D” land. New stadium, a coach with a new attitude, a quarterback who always struggles at the end of the season and who is going to take the place of Terrell Owens?
The pressure for Wayne Phillips will be suffocating at times this year. Especially if Dallas does not get off to a quick start, and we all know this team is not good under pressure. The new stadium will be holding over 100,000 fans, the largest stadium in the NFL, and the boo birds might be out early with Carolina, Giants, and Atlanta scheduled in their first six games.
Wayne Phillips all of a sudden has a new attitude this year. He’s going to be a tuff coach. Not a recipe for success if you have been a players coach for a few years, now all of a sudden you’re a tough guy, players and personal will not respond to this.
Now Romo, a quarterback who plays lights out in the beginning of the season, but at the end of the season always struggles. Guess what it’s going to happen again this year. The Cowboys will be on the road three out of their final five games, and four of those games will be against top ten defenses. With no Owens to throw to, Romo will even struggle more this year down the stretch than in the past. Guru goes with the under