New England Patriots

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 4:31 PM

New England Patriots-Experts predict 11.5 wins
I would sure hate to be the Buffalo Bills week one. I have a feeling that the Pat's are on a mission this year. Brady has something to prove, Belichick always seems to have a chip on his shoulder, and they have made some key off season moves. First Brady,I hate putting to much thought into preseason performance's but gosh he really looks good, baring an injury I don't see anything slowing him down. Next Belichick, say what you want about him, but they guy went 8-3 down the stretch with a quarterback who didn't even start for his college team, now he has his boy Brady back. Third, free agent pick up's. Veteran Fred Taylor and Joey Galloway. Taylor who still has a little in the tank will do all of the small things well as well as make an impact carrying the ball. Joey Galloway can still run like a gazel, as a safetey who will you guard when both Randy Moss and Joey Galloway run fly routes? This will open up even more for Wes Welker underneath. Guru goes with the over, as the Pat's steam roll.