Pittsburgh Steelers

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 12:08 PM

Pittsburgh Steelers- Experts Predict 10.5 wins
We all know about the Super Bowl let down, but will it affect the Pittsburgh Steelers. However many team who win the super bowl lose many players to free agency, this is not the case with the 2009 Steelers that have 19 out of their 22 starters returning. Looking at the Steel's Curtain schedule it's laughable. Not only will they play the Browns and the Bengals, they will also have the ability to beat up on the Lions, Chiefs, Raiders, and the Broncos. Their toughest away game will be at the Ravens. The only concern I have with Pittsburgh is will they be able to provide a sufficient ground game to compliment their bruising defense. I like to Steelers to go over, perhaps a lot over the 10.5 the experts predict.