September 19 College Football Picks

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 9:20 AM

Tennessee( +30)vs. Florida
When was the last time you saw Tennessee getting thirty points? O.K not in my life time, and I’m thirty. I truly believe that Monte Kiffin has been preparing for playing Florida since he joined the program. And lets not kid ourselves here, Monte Kiffin had one of the best defensive minds in the NFL before he left. Do you remember Monte Kiffin’s defense who ran the “cover 2” for the Buccaneers, better known as the “Tampa 2?” Ya, He shut down the greatest show on turf back in the 2000 NFC Championship game, his game planning held the Rams to only 11 points, possibly one of the greatest NFL offenses in history. Now he is coaching for the Vols. The Vols had one of the better defenses in the country last year, and they return Eric Berry aka the “fifth dimension” who will be shadowing Tim Tebow the entire game. If anyone can shut down Tim “Superman” Tebow it is Eric Berry.
Now Florida has the best offense in the nation, they return all eleven starters on defense. Tennessee has a pair of good running backs which may keep things close early, but the Vols also has the absolute worst quarterback in Tennessee history in Jonathan Crompton, and possibly the worst quarterback in the SEC. Tennessee will not score, but Florida does not score 30. Take the Volunteers + the 30 points.

Florida State (+7.5)vs. BYU
I can’t remember the last time Florida State went out west. They are young, inexperienced and have never traveled. To many questions on offense, and to only score 19 points last week against Jackson St is a big concern. They are going to be traveling all the way out to BYU country where they have more seniors than a nursing home for senior citizens. Max Hall, stellar quarterback; and who do all quarterbacks love to throw the ball too, oh yes the tight end, and Dennis Pitta will not be stopped by anyone on Florida State. Give the 7.5 and roll with the cougars.

Arkansas(-2) vs. Georgia
As a Falcons fan boy do I have Bobby Patrino, and it kills me to pick his team to win this game. However the chips are stack up against Georgia in this game. They have been in two dog fights the past two weeks, first against Oklahoma State, and then last week versus South Carolina. This is going to be a hostel environment in Arkansas, it’s a late game and I’m sure the students will be crazy for this game. Georgia in the past two game still has not shown a true leader, these are things that happen when you lose Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno in the same year. Arkansas played a cupcake week one, and was on a bye last week, so they will be fresh with a week to prepare. Take the razorbacks, and give the points.

This years results
College 2 wins 3 losses
NFL 2 wins 2 losses