Week one Picks

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 9:47 PM

Jets + 3.5 vs. Texans
This game will be an absolute blow out. Houston has way to much fire power for the Jets to handle. This game is going to be played in Houston and it is going to be brutally hot and Humid, weather.com has it at 86 degrees and the Jets will not be use to this weather, it has been an unusually cool summer in New York so expect Jet players to be sucking wind early and often. I know Mark Sanchez has looked good in the preseason, but it is the preseason. He is a rookie and will make mistakes. Expect Matt Schaub to have a monster day through the air to Andre Johnson, Andre Davis and Kevin Walters. The Jets get beat by the heat and the Texans.

Redskins +6.5 vs. Giants
I think the Redskins are going to surprise a lot of people this year. Jason Campbell will finally be playing in the same offensive system for consecutive years since high school, so expect a better year from him. For the Giants I’m not convinced they have answered the question at wide receiver, and without that top level wide receiver the Giants offense last year struggled. The Giants will need to run the ball to win but the Skins defense against the run is sick especially with the addition of Albert Haynesworth. I think Washington may win the game outright, but having the 6.5 always helps.

Buccaneers +5.5 vs. Dallas
When you go into the season firing your offensive coordinator a few weeks before the season starts that is a warning sign that your offense is going to be putrid. Tampa doesn’t have the playmakers on offense to keep pace with the Cowboys. This game could get ugly and ugly quick. Dish out the 5.5 as Dallas roles.

Bills +11 vs. Patriots
I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots score in the forty point range this week against Buffalo. Tom Brady is out to prove a point that he will not be stopped and continue off of his monster season two years ago. The addition of Joey Galloway may prove to be one of this off seasons biggest moves. He still runs like a gazelle and when both Galloway and Moss run fly patterns who will the safety cover? Even if they cover both it opens the underneath with Welker. The Bills also fired their offensive coordinator a few weeks before the season starts, but unlike the Bucs they have playmakers, just not enough to be close in this game. Take the Pats, and count your cash.