College and NFL picks for October 31st and November 1st

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 6:55 AM

We are 5-1 in the Pro’s the last 2 weeks and we will keep the streak going after this week. We also picked up some ground in the college game( thank god). Overall on the season with the Pro Picks we are 16-9 that is a whopping 64% accuracy. There are websites out there that charge and don’t even hit that kind of mark. College not so hot 11-14 on the year so far.

Indiana +18 vs. Iowa
Indiana is 4-4, a much improved team over last year. They have had some good wins and some horrible losses. With that being said they can score points. Iowa undefeated are now the cardiac Hawkeyes, they stay in every ball game waiting for you to make a mistake, then they cash in. No blowouts this year, and -18 would be considered a blowout. Cash in on Indiana +18.

Georgia +15 vs. Florida
Georgia has had two weeks to prepare for this game. Yes they have looked sloppy at times this year, but this is a rivalry game, and 15 points is at least 3 scores. Florida has been clicking on defense, but are struggling on offense. If Georgia can muster up 20 points we have ourselves a winner. Roll with the Bulldogs and take the points.

Illinois +7.5 vs. Michigan
You got to stop and wonder about this one. Why is Michigan only giving 7.5 to an Illinois team who has looked absolutely horrendous this year? Michigan is 5-3 and has had some nice wins, but pealing back the numbers and looking more closely Michigan and their star Freshman QB has not picked up a win yet on the road. Illinois season is over, no bowl game no nothing, they have talent, and this is their super bowl. If they win this game, they can hold their heads on beating Michigan, take the 7.5.

USC -3 vs. Oregon
It will be bedlam in Oregon on Halloween. USC will walk into a hornets nest and will come out with the win. After the punch heard around the world Oregon has been hot. USC has been winning but not impressively. That will change Saturday night.


Saints -10 vs. Atlanta
I have only lost on 1 Atlanta game so far this year. I will keep this simple and to the point. Atlanta can not stop the pass. Huge Falcons fan, and I hate the Saints, and I hate to say it, but the Saints will probably win by 20. Atlanta goes to 4-3 on the year. Give the points and take the Aints.

Ravens -3 vs. Broncos
I just can’t believe that the Ravens will lose 4 games in a row, especially coming off a bye. I think during the bye week it will give the Ravens time to work out some kinks in the defensive side of the ball and should be ready for Kyle Orton and the Broncos. With Denver I’m still not a believer even when they are getting 3. Roll with the Ravens.

Lions -4 vs. Rams
This might be the only shot the Rams have at winning a game this year….and they’re not going to get it. The Lions have been putting up some points this year and I don’t expect that to change against to lowly Rams. Give the 4 and the Lions get their second win of the season.