October 3rd and 4th College and Pro Picks

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 6:56 AM

I guess we are going to start out with the Vikings vs. the Packers ,game this week, and why not. This game single handily will out rate any T.V program including the NBA finals and the MLB World Series(any game) this year; besides the Super Bowl

Vikings(-3.5) vs. Packers
Good old Brett Favre showed us all last week that he can still sling the rock, and boy did he on a last minute win. For all of those Vikings fans who thought Brett would destroy the team chemistry I didn’t hear anything from them last week. In fact they were probably too busy buying their number 4 Jersey in purple and in white(By the way Brett has the number one selling Jersey of all players this year) The Packers on the other hand have a ton of skilled players in Rodgers, Jennings and Driver, and their secondary is pretty good. With that being said this game will be won in the trenches, and Green Bay’s offensive and defensive line is garbage, Vikings win this one, give the 3.5

Redskins(-7.5) vs. Buccaneers
What a shocker last week. I’m taking the Redskins because they lost to lowly Detroit, and they desperately need this game. They are home, they have more skilled players and their offensive and defensive line should destroy the Buccaneers. The Bucs have already thrown in the towel just after three games by pulling Byron Leftwich and inputting well, I don’t even know where this kid came from Josh Johnson. Didn’t they pick another quarterback in the 1st round?….I guess he is impressing folks down in Tampa. Blowout win, give the 7.5, and you could have probably given 20, Bucs roll.

Ravens(+2) vs. Pats.
Looking at the match up’s the Ravens win every single one of them, and they are still getting points? We’ll take them. This is a classic example of everyone still fascinated with the New England offense from two years ago, that can score 50 points against anyone. Well, that was two years ago, and the offense is now where near that. Brady looks mediocre at best, and as of right now Flacco looks like the better quarterback. Taking the Ravens in a very close game

Bills(-1) vs. Dolphins
Chad Henne is starting at quarterback, which is good for the Dolphins because know they will be able to throw the ball more than twenty yards down field which will open up their offense dramatically, however not good for this week against the Bills. The Bills should be able to go down to Miami and pick up the win with the rookie QB at the helm. Take the Bills, lay the point.

Steelers(-6) vs. Chargers
To me the Chargers have become a finesse team. Which is great in San Diego in warm weather. Don’t try that style in Pittsburgh especially after the Steelers lost to Ohio’s best. Ewww, I feel really bad for the Chargers this week. I think Mike Tomlin will have this team fired up and ready to play, watch for Hines Ward to break someone’s face bone or something. Take the Steelers as the beat up on the Chargers…literally.

UCLA(+5) vs. Stanford
I was shocked when I saw this line. UCLA has had two weeks to prepare for this game with a good coach. Not to mention they have beaten Stanford the last five times they have played them. UCLA has one of the best defenses in the country, they haven’t allowed more than 15 points yet this year, and for what ever reason they are 3-0 and getting no respect. I expect it to be close, but UCLA to be getting points in this game just amazes me.

Ohio State(-17.5) vs. Indiana
I know this looks like a lot of points, especially when you saw the game last week that Indiana played against Michigan. They almost won, they played their hearts out, a lot of emotion went into that game but they came up short. It is tough for teams to get up emotionally like that two weeks in a row, especially when you play Ohio State a far superior team than Michigan. Ohio State beats up on teams in their own division as you saw in last weeks game, and they will do the same again this week. Take Ohio State, the game will be over in the first quarter.

LSU(+3.5) vs. Georgia
LSU has done nothing to impress me so far this year. They have played to their level of competition this year against far worse teams such as Washington and Miss State. Georgia on the other hand has been in a couple of dog fights and are ready for the Tigers. Georgia has been putting up some serious points so far this year on offense and should be able to score against LSU when needed. If LSU gets down quickly in this game, I worry that Jordan Jefferson can not rely on his arm to get LSU back in the game. Georgia has too much firepower for the Tigers, lay the points.

Arkansas State(+22) vs. Iowa
I normally don’t pick games like this one, but I need to get the record up this year on the college picks. Iowa just won it’s super bowl last week against Penn State, and are ready for a major let down. Are they going to lose, no probably not but they are not going to cover the 22 points. Iowa has had troubles this year scoring points, in fact they almost lost in week one to Northern Iowa 17-16 and even though they beat Penn State last week, the D had to chip in with points to make it happen. Let down city, take Arkansas State

Record on the year
College on the year 5-7
Pro’s 7-6