College Picks for November 28th

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 8:21 AM

Another outstanding day by the Guru yesterday posting a 3-1 record so far on Rivalry Week. Yesterday we called the shocker with Bama almost going down, but hey, Auburn was getting 10 so we never sweated the game. My hunch with West Virginia paid off as well, as number 9 Pittsburgh goes down. More upsets today…

Picks for November 28th

Notre Dame(+10) vs. Stanford
This line started at -7 and has jumped to -10 with no injury news, just the news that ND head coach Charlie Weiss is done for the season. I know everyone is down on ND this year, and especially after last weeks lost to UCONN. Say what you want about the Fighting Irish, however they have been in every game this year. The most they have lost a game by is 7. Now they are getting 10 from the Cardinals. I think Notre Dame might win this game and I am very tempted to take the money line at +300. If the odds were a little better I may jump all over that, but take the points, ten is a lot to give the high powered ND offense. In College unlike the Pros I think emotion has a lot to do with the outcome of games, I think Notre Dame comes out with passion for their coach and wins

USC(-12.5) vs. UCLA
USC lost to Stanford 55-21 two weeks ago. Keyword in that last sentence was two weeks ago. Pete Carroll’s record with two weeks to prepare for a game is second to none, plus with the taste of losing by 34 points two weeks ago is a dangerous combination. As for UCLA they have a tough time scoring, if USC gets out to an early lead this game might be over by half time. Take the Trojans lay the points.

Clemson -3 vs. South Carolina
I was kind of surprised when I saw this line at -3, I though it would have been a little more. I think South Carolina will keep this game close but Clemson and C.J Spiller has too much fire power. If Steve Spurrier can stop Spiller the gamecocks have a shot. However you can’t stop C.J Spiller, you can only try to hope to contain him.

Florida St (+24) vs. Florida
A ton of points to give a good school in Florida State, but Urban Meyer and Florida make it a point to absolutely kill Florida State and Miami for recruiting purposes. I can just imagine how that conversation goes when he sits down with the high school All Americans in Florida. “ Why would you want to go to Florida State, we beat them last year 45-15.” I have a feeling things are starting to come together for Florida as well, the Defense has been playing lights out the entire season, and now it seems the offense is finally going full throttle as well.