What could have been

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 7:05 AM

Yesterday Nebraska could have put the final dagger into the BCS system that everyone has been waiting for.

Alabama took the lead in the first quarter and never looked back the entire game, laying an absolute smack down on Florida 32-13. The win put Alabama in the BCS Championship game. The only question then was who were they going to face. If Texas won, and odds makers had them at a huge favorite, Texas would have played Alabama in the BCS championship game. But if Texas lost, then what?

Well that opportunity was 1 second away from happening. Last night in one of the best defensive games in the past decade, a game where both teams combined for a total of 308 yards Texas got the win with 1 second left on a Hunter Lawrence 46 yard FG.

If Nebraska could have pulled the upset TCU, Cincinnati and Boise State all undefeated teams would have had a major argument for the opportunity to play in the BCS championship game. TCU's argument would have been they where ranked higher than Cincinnati and Boise State. Cincinnati the only team out of the 3 from a major conference won yesterday over Pittsburgh due to a botched extra point late in the game, but did get the win over a top 15 program in a stunning comeback which could of placed them higher than TCU in the rankings. And then their is Boise State, also undefeated who won yesterday 42-7. Boise State has been one of the most impressive teams in the past 3 years, with some eye opening wins in the Bowl Games. Arguments’ could have been easily made for all three teams. Someone would have been in, and the two other teams would have been heartbroken.

Nebraska winning would have sent the ripple effect through the BCS System that may have finally put of the playoff system into effect. With that being said, the BCS System gets it right one more year with the two best teams in the country playing for the BCS Championship.