Buffalo Bills

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 5:35 PM

Buffalo Bills-Experts predict 7.5 wins
I have some real concerns with the Bills offensive line. Four of the five are newcomers and I have some major concerns on the inside of the line. However if this unit could gel I think the Bills can be explosive this year. The Bills with out a question have the deepest, and perhaps the best Wide Receiver unit in football. Lee Evans, Terrell Owens, Roscoe Parish, and Josh Reed. Some are burners, some are possession receivers, a nice combination to have. With this set of wide receivers Trent Edwards has no choice to have a near Pro Bowl season. Once November hits it will be tough to throw the ball, however the Bills will be playing some road games after their bye(week 9) in some warm weather cities or in domes., Tennessee, Jacksonville and in Atlanta
Marshawn Lynch is suspended for the first 3 games, however this could be a blessing in disguise. The first 3 games are against the Pats, Bucs, and the Saints, all three have very weak secondary. When Lynch comes back in week 4 he will be fresh for the rest of the season. The Guru goes with the over, and perhaps a playoff run with the Bills. Key game to watch will be vs. the Jets December 3rd in Toronto and December 27th in Atlanta, these two games will make or brake the Bills.