Detroit Lions

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 7:00 AM

Detroit Lions- Experts predict 4.5 wins
The good news for fans in Detroit will be that Ford stock price will be higher than the Lions win total. But there team will have another dismal season. They had the worst defense in the leauge last year giving up over 32 points a game, not much is going to change in that category. In is rookie Matt Stafford and as we have seen in the preseason can make some plays, but will also make some mistakes, and with that defense you can not afford to make many mistakes. This will definitely be a rebuilding year for the Lions, they do have some "talented" peices in place, but still have a long way to go. Lions fans should be worried about when will they win their first game of this season. That may come on November 1st off their bye against the Rams. A tuff schedule so go with the under.