Denver Broncos

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 6:38 AM

Denver Broncos- Experts Predict 7 wins
I’m not sure what the experts are thinking on this one. They do have an easy schedule with the Raiders and Chiefs twice, they also play the Browns and the Bengal’s. However that may be all of their wins. This team is just not that good. Their defense was horrible last year, and I see no improvements. I know they drafted Knowshon Moreno but has been dinged up in preseason, so I’m not entirely sure they solidified the running back position. At quarterback you went from Pro Bowler Jay Cutler to Kyle Orton. Brandon Marshall is pissed about his contract, and probably also pissed that he will have to rely on Orton throwing his 90 passes this season. 1st year coach Josh McDaniel’s my way or the highway attidue didn’t work out well for him at the quarterback position which will mean no playoffs for the Broncos. The difference between Cutler and Orton is 3 wins. That’s the difference between 9-7 and in the playoffs and 6-10 out of the playoffs.