Minnesota Vikings

Posted by Posted by Rich Brown On 10:47 AM

Minnesota Vikings- Experts predict 9.5 wins
Yes, Brett Favre is back for another year. For all of those people who want to know they will be at the frozen tundra week 8. The Vikings have a cup cake schedule and will go over the 9.5 wins the experts predict, but will be the first team to be bounced out of the playoffs. There are too many years on that arm of Favre, and towards the end of the season and in the playoffs his game will become worse and worse. He will not be able to withstand another year of punishment in the NFL. A.P is a monster, no doubt, but when playoff time comes, defenses will stack the line and make Favre beat them. Against stiff defenses, I don't believe Favre will be ability to make those big plays he has in the past. Guru says over 9.5, but bounced quickly in the playoffs.